“I never want to become static with my style. I love the challenge of making new ideas work and testing my capabilities. I find the development of one style can be really beneficial to another by sparking new ideas and techniques.”

The celebrated British artist Jennifer Hogwood brings her subjects to life on canvas. Her works are visceral, bold and spirited, featuring her trademark kaleidoscope of strokes and colours. The artist first grabbed the attention of collectors with her iconic McMoos, now Jen’s latest work showcases her favourite subject afresh in the same portrait-form, she depicts her beloved animals in enigmatic technicolour to vibrant monochrome.

Working with quick-drying acrylics and luminescent enhancements, Jen admits her studio is anything but tidy, working with both brushes and her fingers, she marries expressionism and abstraction in contemporary form.

“Diamond dust is exquisite. Gold and silver leaf is another favourite. I adore the contrast between natural and glamorous.”

Despite the artist’s confessed laidback approach to life, Jen's working day is meticulously timetabled – painting from 9am to 6pm, only taking time to lunch. The artist works to the sound of Talk radio, whilst running and yoga to help her unwind outside of her work.