• Working with quick-drying acrylics and luminescent enhancements, Hogwood admits her studio is anything but tidy, working with both brushes and her fingers, she marries expressionism and abstraction in contemporary form.

    “Diamond dust is exquisite. Gold and silver leaf is another favourite. I adore the contrast between natural and glamorous.”

    Despite the artist’s confessed laidback approach to life, Hogwood’s working day is meticulously timetabled – painting from 9am to 6pm, only taking time to lunch. The artist works to the sound of Talk radio, whilst running and yoga to help her unwind outside of her work.

  • “I never want to become static with my style. I love the challenge of making new ideas work and testing my capabilities. I find the development of one style can be really beneficial to another by sparking new ideas and techniques.”


    Hogwood lives and works in Dorset, a beautiful county on England’s south coast, with her husband, children and dogs. The region is prised for its picturesque moorlands, scenic harbours, sandy beaches, and fairy-tale forests. It is here that the artist finds time to observe badgers, horses, foxes, dolphins, hedgehogs, hares, and butterflies in their natural environment, her home in close proximity to beautiful meadows teeming with trees, flowers and wildlife.

    “I have fallen in love with Dorset…the sea, the beaches, the untouched wildness. Living here has pushed me into being more confident and free in my style.”

    Dorset has provided Hogwood with endless inspiration thanks to its big skies, undulating landscapes, and dramatic turquoise coastlines. She finds both excitement and peace in her countryside surroundings which never fail to inform her work.

    “I am transfixed by the movement and perseverance of nature. Big bad storms, stunning summers days, the beauty and brutality. I never stop thinking about it.”

    Hogwood grew up in rural Bedfordshire, where horses, riding and dogs became her first loves. These early experiences sparked her passion for animals the natural world.

    “I am innately restless, my mind is constantly buzzing with new ideas, new ways to apply paint, new subjects to capture.”


    Hogwood’s growing body of work, among them prized originals and a growing and popular print portfolio, showcases a variety of animals. Collectors are drawn to her stylistic interpretations of wildlife, from stags and dogs, to hares and tigers. Her portraits gained widespread acclaim, with buyers drawn to her immense ability with colour, texture, and movement, offering an untapped fluidly that plays out across each of her canvases.

    “I want to connect with collectors…to make their hearts skip a beat when they see one of my paintings. I want them to feel the emotion I feel when I see a pod of dolphins.”

    Hogwood’s celebration of the natural world is nothing new, but it’s a theme she wishes to do more with – her aim is to highlight the need for wildlife conservation in an increasingly tech-driven world. She plans to use her platform to pay respect to earth’s wild habitats and to champion causes which are close to her heart.

    “I aspire to capture so much more that a physical likeness of my subject…it’s all about the feeling and connection between us humans, nature and the animal kingdom. Every living thing on our planet is incredibly precious…I want to be on their side shouting ‘hey look at us’.”


    As an artist, Hogwood’s audience is loyal, and growing at breakneck speed, her popularity with galleries and private collectors alike is testament not only to her talent as an artist, but to her understanding of her fanbase’s demands.

    “It’s quite an honour when someone wants to hang something you created on their wall. I will never take it for granted.”

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