Expressive animal portraits in understated colours with a focus on movement and shimmering embellishments. The Contemporary collection delivers a multitude of talking points including bold intuitive brush strokes, dazzling drip detailing, and large-scale canvases.

Jennifer Hogwood I'm Watching You Original Painting
Jennifer Hogwood Majestic Original Painting


An explosion of movement forms the Technicolour collection — a gathering of creatures in kaleidoscopic hues. Confident brushstrokes communicate the energy of each animal. This is bold, instinctive painting that breaks all the rules.

Jennifer Hogwood Tiger
Jennifer Hogwood Midnight Original Painting


Enter the world of the magical McMoos, a charismatic collection of hairy highland cattle. These superb Scottish beasties instantly uplift with their magnetic personalities and alluring colour palettes.
Look closer and discover another furry family — the whimsical McHoppers. These long-eared hares bring the English countryside indoors with their characterful faces and meadowland surroundings.

Jennifer-Hogwood Heather Sculpture
Jennifer Hogwood Hare & Seek